Andreas Lakatos
Andreas LakatosCEO

CEO Andreas Lakatos was born 1965 in Switzerland

He owns the Federal Certificate of Marketing Degree (BBT) as well as Certified Project Management Associate; IPMA and is the owner of bycg Consulting.

Mr. Lakatos is a Manager with good negotiation skills (multilingual E/G/F) and an economic background; he has eight years experience in leadership on C-Level with up to 350 individuals. A broad international network emphasises his ability to interconnect quickly.

In 2000 he started to build up bycg Consulting’s headstone with the provision of different services in the field of marketing, developing companies and business plans.

Above all that, he has been a chosen member of the innovation.tank®; innovation projects for small and medium-sized companies. Mr. Lakatos is a charismatic leader who is able to lead an innovation process. He may generate sustainable results with process- and solution-oriented management methods.

Andreas is committed for the development of a Biological Tattoo Removal Method since 2006. He is co-founder of Skin-deep Technologies Ltd.

«It is my passion to build up and develop new companies and translating visions into practice. My primary motivation and focus is the development of new markets.»

Maria Lüder-Specht
Maria Lüder-SpechtCRO

CRO Maria Lüder-Specht was born in Germany

Maria Lüder-Specht is a Chemical Engineer with focus on biochemistry and biotechnology. She has more than 25 years of experience in the international cosmetic industry mainly in R&D of active ingredients. Her competence in the field of natural active ingredients and the active collaboration in cosmetic associations make her the ideal choice for the role as Chief Research Officer. Mrs. Lüder-Specht runs Qenax AG as CEO, is active in its Board of Directors and co-owner.

As a highly proficient developer, Maria brings her expertise and far-reaching network of relationships with numerous contacts as well as her profound knowledge of the market to Skin-deep Technologies Ltd.