Our aim is to become role models within Corporate Social Responsibility among the industry. And we will do our outmost to achieve this.

Andreas Lakatos, Founder of Skin-deep Technologies AG



We believe that corporations have the same moral responsibilities as individuals. Our ethical and environ-mental principles cover everything from materials to factory conditions. We want the people who make our products to be able to do so without risking their health, and with fair compensation. We have also taken a firm stand against child labour.

Our respect for nature stretches into every area of our company. We have never tested nor commissioned the testing of ingredients on animals. Whenever possible we use recycled materials and energy saving transportations.

Skin-deep Technologies contributes to the communities in which we operate. We are continuously developing our social compliance program with the goal of becoming even better corporate citizens.


When formulating our products, we strive to use natural ingredients that are in line with our strong environmental policies, and are not harmful to the environment.

We are one of the first companies to utilise plant extracts in skin care products, and we have always tried to optimise the use of ingredients from renewable plant sources. Scientific reports on safety and environmental issues are continuously monitored to ensure that action can be taken to replace any ingredients that may have negative impact on consumer health and the environment.

In addition, Skin-deep’s product packaging is recyclable and minimised to reduce waste volumes.

Skin-deep Technologies has a strong ethical ethos evident through all facets of operations. Skin-deep Technologies products are formulated and manufactured in line with Switzerland’s highest industry standards and ethical guidelines.

All Skin-deep manufacturing facilities and sub contractors comply with relevant local and national laws and regulations. Such laws include those relating to labour standards, environmental manufacturing, and health and safety practices.

Water conservation is a key priority in Skin-deep’s environmental management plan, and in line with our proactive approach towards responsible environmental management, we apply design techniques at all of our manufacturing facilities, aimed at reducing water consumption and minimising pollution.